Friday, June 15, 2012

What I Made: June 14, 2012

Yesterday was another busy day that started off right... with breakfast!

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Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

These Strawberry-Banana Smoothies from Food Network's April 2011 issue were fantastic.  The creamy Greek vanilla yogurt was healthy for us and tasted great!  

My morning is always packed with errands including running to the grocery store.  However, I couldn't get home fast enough to make my lunch.

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Grilled Garlic Ham & Cheese

It is another Food Network recipe, but from April 2012.  This delicious-looking sandwich is a Garlic Ham and Cheese.  The bread is actually garlic bread.

Not my healthiest lunch, but certainly one of my tastiest.  Still, I had to rebound with a filling and nutritional dinner.  I found it in the April 2012 issue of Simple and Delicious.

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Mustard Turkey Cutlets and Orzo with Peppers & Spinach

The Mustard Turkey Cutlets and Orzo with Peppers and Spinach are chock-full of vitamins and not too bad in calories and fat.

It's a good thing too since I decorated cupcakes for my Wilton Project which you can start reading here (I promise I'll get the second and third chapters up soon).  Here's a preview of the finished product.

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Wilton Project: Gerbera Daisies

The delicious looking cupcakes beneath the flowers came from a Taste of Home cookbook.  

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Spice Cupcakes

The Spice Cupcakes have plump raisins and a lot of savory spices and they are topped off with a ridiculously sweet frosting.

So much for eating healthy.

Tomorrow I'm making seafood for dinner after a vegetarian lunch.  I haven't started dinner yet, but let me tell you the salad was incredible.  I'll catch you up on that soon, but until then... happy cooking!

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