Rules for Posting Comments

UPDATE: Due to some crazy spamming going on with my blog, I will no longer accept any anonymous comments.  You must link it to your gmail account or any of the other options associated with it (unless I know you personally).  Thanks!


I encourage comments.  In fact, I'd love to interact with people more.

Ask questions.

Tell me what you think about the recipes/format/pictures.

Comment on what you'd change.

I ask that you are nice to others and refrain from taking things too off topic.  That's it, I don't expect much.

But please, don't post any links to ads.  If you have a link to something that has to do with the recipe, such as a comparable/required recipe, ingredient data sheet, coupons, equipment... although ONLY FOR THAT RECIPE, go ahead.  I'll check out the link before posting.

If you post links to anything else.  Especially anything that has absolutely NOTHING to do with my recipes (i.e. super fruits, soluble proteins, etc...) I'll report you as spam.  Period.  At first I was nice and just deleted.  No more.

To all other commenters... THANKS and have fun!!!