Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Cake

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve practiced what I learned in my first Decorating class, so I decided to make a cake for an Easter Brunch my husband and I are going to be attending.  There’s one thing I learned…

I need more practice.

I made a lovely white cake with a pistachio filling.  That was about all that went right.

It started with my filling – I used too much of it…. or I didn’t make a big enough frosting border… whatever… I had pistachio oozing out the side of my cake.  How did I fix it?  I sealed in the sides with a gigantic blob of frosting using a ridiculously wide decorating tip.  Problem solved.  Of course, as I was trying to smooth out the sides and top, I occasionally would open a fissure in the frosting blob that I’d have to fill back over, but I managed to keep it together.

My simple inscription “Happy Easter” looked like a kindergartner wrote it.  I tried to fix it with a toothpick, but it still looked a little shaky.

My roses, while much prettier than my first try, I still had some issues.  I had a good consistency for my frosting, but my hand kept heating it up.  The result was droopy roses that were very difficult to get on my cake.  I tried to fill in some of the sliding roses with leaves.  In the end, you could tell I was trying to hide something.

In short, here’s what went well:
Baking the cake
Making the filling
Shell Border

What went wrong – everything else.

I know you’re dying to see the result…

© You Want Me to Cook?
Notice the abundance of leaves in the middle of the roses?  Just ignore that.  Okay?  Great.

© You Want Me to Cook?
Here is a better shot of the shell and polka-dot border.  I was proud of the way that turned out.
© You Want Me to Cook?
The Roses - Some of them turned out lovely but I massacred them while putting them on the cake.
See what I mean?

© You Want Me to Cook?
He's a sad droopy flower.

Still, I’m going to take it tomorrow.  I figure Easter is a solemn occasion that could use a little levity.  We’re all going to get a good chuckle out of my decorating attempt.

Happy Easter to all and… happy baking!

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  1. Practice makes perfect! At least your "mistakes" taste fantastically wonderful!! ;) ps. It looks really good so i wouldn't sweat it...