Friday, March 30, 2012

Cake Decorating Basics – Class #4

Yesterday was my final Cake Decorating Basics class and I can’t believe how much we’ve covered.  More importantly, I can’t believe I can decorate a cake.  It’s decorated crudely, but I’ve been told with practice, I’ll get better.  Still I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished.

My final project... YEAH RIGHT!!!

Our homework from this week:
  • Bring in a 8” cake frosted and filled – I used a box cake (shame on me) and filled it with cherry puree.
  • Make a couple batches of Wilton’s Buttercream Icing and make several colors.
Before we get into the actual class, let me tell you a little story about my cake's journey to class...

I was quite proud of my cake and the fact that it was smooth for the most part.  Of course, a professional would probably laugh at it, but I couldn't believe that I got it as even as I did.  I kept it safe in my fridge in a ginormous cake carrier so that it wouldn't get dented.

The day of the class, my cake had to do a little traveling.  I have a standing appointment just before class time, so it has to come with me to my appointment since I don't have enough time to go home to get it.  All in all, the cake traveled about 50 miles.  It made the journey without a scratch... until I went to turn into the mini-mall in which Michael's is located.  The car in front of me decided to stop short.  My cake tipped and squished against the side of the carrier.

This made me sad.  Oh well, no time to dwell, it was time for class!

This week was all about our final cake but we also covered:
  • Lettering – print and script
  • Roses
It became VERY obvious to me in this class, that one of the things I need to practice most is making icing.  Tonight’s icing was too dry, so even though I was using the right technique, the icing was breaking and cracked.

I made it work though.

First we worked on lettering and I was pleasantly surprised with my ability to make straight lines, but then we moved on to ROSES.

That didn’t go as well.

My dry frosting didn’t allow me to make the effortless circles, but I could at least tell what they were supposed to be.

Then it was time to decorate our cake.  I decided to go with a hybrid of the VIVID VIOLET ROSES CAKE.  I wanted to show off my printing skills and use my roses, but I wasn’t crazy about the border.  So I found another cake that used the SWIRLED FLOWERS (and for the life of me, I can’t find the example on Wilton’s website) .

Not bad, although I could have done without the picture of my foot.

Turns out, that was a mistake.

Some pretty... some not... none perfect
Okay, that’s not totally true, but I couldn’t pipe them directly on to the cake.  I should have made them before the class, let them dry and then brought them with me.  Of course, I figured this out while I was trying to pipe them directly on to the cake and couldn’t make them look like decent flowers.  My instructor confirmed that for me.  Still, it didn’t look all that bad.

I decided that my cake had too much white space between the border and the top of the cake.  Since I was running out of time, I decided to pipe some simple dots around the top of the cake.

Overall, I was really proud of what I accomplished.  Would I be willing to make a cake for a holiday to present my work?  Probably not, but with a little more practice, I think I could do it.

The rest of my classmates graciously allowed me to take pictures of their cakes so you could see a lot of the different techniques we learned.  Prepare to be dazzled because I certainly was…

I suddenly feel a bit of inadequacy looking at my classmate’s pictures.  No matter, I graduated and as a present, Loretta, my instructor, allowed her picture to be taken with me and my certificate.

I knew I would finally get a picture of her!
Starting next week, I’m tackling two classes.  They are Class #2 – Flowers and Cake design and Class #3 – Gum Paste and Fondant.  I am more than excited!  Since I don’t have as much baking to do, I should be able to get my posts up in a more, ahem… timely manner.

I’ll let you know how they go, but until then… Happy Baking!

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