Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello? Anybody Home?

So you may be wondering where I've been.

I hope one day to generate cash from this blog - as most bloggers do - but until then I pick-up side work as a make-up artist/esthetician.  Well we're into wedding and prom season and your happy little blogger has been busy as ever.

Oh, and my oven broke.  

And it took a week to get fixed.

At first I got slightly excited because the first thing out of my husband's mouth was, "Well looks like we're getting a new stove."  OH YEAH.  Then I thought about the money it would cost and the number of smiling faces I'd have to do in order to pay for said stove.

No matter, it didn't take much to fix it, so we're all good.

Of course, now I'm incredibly behind.  I especially hate getting behind on my Recipe Round-Ups.  Tomorrow is one of my first free days and I'm keeping the fingers crossed that I won't have to go anywhere at the last minute.

So what I'm saying is... Look for A LOT of postings from me in the next several days.

- G

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