Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things Are Coming Along Nicely

What a crazy week it has been!

I'm an esthetician and I was the make-up artist for a very large bridal party.  I love sharing in someone's special day, but I kept thinking about what I had to do to get my house Thanksgiving ready.  Of course, by the time I was done, there was NO WAY I was going to be doing any cleaning.  Then, my crazy chihuahua got tape worm causing the entire pug and chihuahua army to go through the deworming process.  While getting the dogs checked out, we found a lump on our pug we've had since we've been married.  Luckily it isn't anything serious, but emotions have run high throwing my cleaning/cooking schedule off kilter.  I'm kind of back on track  now and the cooking process was supposed to have started, but I've gotten sucked into 16 and Pregnant marathon, so I thought I'd update you on my process to keep me from screaming at the television.

Starting Shopping
I make a ton of cookies every year for Christmas, so I know how quickly things run out at the store.  I decided I wanted to do the bulk of my shopping early so I could (a) break-up the amount of groceries I had to haul around, (b) beat some of the crowds and (c) save some strength to cook after cleaning.  Before I could start shopping, I had to do a fridge and pantry purge.  It amazed me how much crap I needed to throw away.  After the purge, I made it to the store and found everything almost everything I needed.  And I was incredibly excited that everything fit into the fridge with plenty of room to spare.  Next week, I was going to have to fit an 18 pound turkey in there somewhere, so space was definitely a concern. 

I also needed some fun new kitchen toys.  I didn't have a roasting pan - until now.  OH YEAH!  I also got a gravy boat, which made me giggle with glee.  Since money is tight, I'm begging asking my in-laws to bring their carving set and am going to make due with the dishes and glasses I have.

I hope no one minds drinking out of an Incredible Hulk glass.

Cleaning Sucks
Honestly, I don't mind cleaning, but DEEP CLEANING does suck.  My lovely husband was kind enough to take time off of work to help and it was a good thing he did.  It took us an entire day to clean the kitchen and living room.  The place smells and looks so clean, I don't even want to live in the house for the next several days and I certainly don't want to cook in my kitchen.

Jiminy Crickets... that kind of defeats the purpose.

Shopping - Round 2
It is time to get the rest of the groceries - mostly produce - and pick up the turkey.  But crapola... I have to get new plates for my car which means waiting in line to get my emissions tested and that's after I take my baby pug to the vet.  By some amazing feat, I managed to get all of my errands run before noon and EVERYTHING fit into to the fridge.  

I am slightly nervous that things are going too well.  That is probably because it is time to...

Start Cooking
So the plan is this:  Today and tomorrow, I am going to make the appetizer dips, rolls, salad dressings, desserts and cranberry dish.  With whatever time I have left, I'm going to prep as much as I can to make the cooking process on Thanksgiving Day as smooth as possible.

A girl can dream, right?

The plan on Thanksgiving is to get up early and start the stuffing (slow-cooker recipe) and then get the turkey in by noon.  I've delegated cleaning duties to my husband so I can concentrate on cooking.  In the hour before dinner is to be served, I'm going to finish all the sides and warm up the bread rolls.  Dinner should be on the table between 4:00 and 4:30.

Again, a girl can dream, right?

How is everyone else's plans going? Any excitement?  I consider myself lucky since my neighbor has to cook TWO Thanksgiving dinners two days in a row.  I plan on driving him to his commitment hearing sometime before Black Friday.

Good luck everyone and have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!!!

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