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Curried Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

Recipe modified by Gretchen Wilson – October 2010
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Recipe originally published in Taste of Home, June/July 2010.

Shepherd’s pie is one of those dishes my husband reminisces about.  He is usually talking about some crappy cafeteria food from high school or college, but he loved it anyway.  After we moved in together, I had a confession to make – I never had shepherd’s pie, EVER.  My mother never made it, I never ate it from the school cafeteria, and I didn’t go away to college.  His reaction was one of horror, so I made it my mission to find a recipe and make one for us both to enjoy.  I tried a couple different ones, which weren’t bad, but not good enough to get me excited about it.  Then, I stumbled upon this version which is has a curry base.  Absolutely scrumptious!!!

My Finished product

Picture published with recipe:

(c) Taste of Home

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Mine looks like a pile of mush… and it has totally different vegetables in it, but more on that later.  It really tastes better than it looks.

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Mess:  EH – minimal chopping and few dishes but everything is pretty much self-contained.

Start-to-Finish Time: Under an hour – as long as you have left over/store bought potatoes and buy rotisserie chicken as I indicate in the ingredients listing.  If you have to make your own mashed potatoes, add a half-hour and if you have to cook chicken, add about 20 minutes.

Prep Work: SLIGHT BLOOD LOSS – easy to chop vegetables (and they don’t have to look pretty either).

Ease of Recipe: COOK IT IN MY SLEEP – definitely if you use leftover mashed potatoes & rotisserie chicken.

Overall:  YUMMY – I love easy to make casserole dishes and curry.  This blends the best of both worlds and keeps Chris happy.

Recipe Information:
Prep: 25 minutes
Bake: 25 minutes
Servings: 4

Nutritional Information (1½ cups of casserole)
Calories 410
Total Fat 19g (Saturated Fat 9g)
Cholesterol 99mg
Sodium 1025mg

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